Brantas – created for hunting

We have created for you the first Polish brand offering hunting clothes for hunting and hunting women. We want to change the situation that we are the only country in the European Union who completely forgot about huntresses and hunters wives. And every woman who participates in hunting or hunting parties must feel perfectly and feminine as always. We do not want our huntress to be forced by the lack of an offer on the market to wear men’s jackets, sweatshirts or trousers.

We want to offer ladies an elegant clothing; consistent with women’s fashion trends, excellent utility parameters and simply feminine. It’s time to be able to dress everyday, stylish jacket, coat or waistcoat, with an original, perfect cut and finish, according to the lifestyle (hunting is a lifestyle). Hunting, hunting cynology, hunting parties, hunting companions and hunting parties should make women oblige us to an elegant, appropriate look. We provide our products with the best quality raw material, searched carefully all over the world as well as professional sewing in renowned Polish clothing factories.

We wish Dianom to feel comfortable in our hunting clothes, and to hunter’s wives, so that in every situation, they also support their passions with attire.


ul. Św. Jerzego 10/12
Łódź 91-072

tel. +48 663-935-339


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